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Well, At Least There Was Good Stuff to Read: The Books of the Decade

Wow, what a good find! I love reading, and read A LOT, and somehow I haven’t read A SINGLE book on this list! I don’t even know how this has happened, but I’m actually sort of ecstatic about it!

I have some work to do!

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It seems every year, I love autumn more and more!

Overwhelmed with urges to:

- make coffee
- get candles that smell like pumpkin spice, or gingerbread
- wear scarves and boots, even if it’s no even that cold yet
- watch horror movies
- be outdoors— hiking in the forest, canoeing, harvesting crops
- be with my family

1 year ago

today was an awesome day :)

  • Had a great sleep in!
  • Breakfast with the boyfriend!
  • Pedicure with the girls!
  • Finally listened to Mumford and Sons new album!
  • Shopping expedition resulting in some seriously cute steals (knee high boots, 3 tops, 2 cardigans, 1 dress, and a whackload of new underwear)!
  • Veggie street meat (knocking an item off my TO Bucket List)!
  • Autumn air!
  • Reading books!
  • Watching movies!

Definitely a serious “girl day”. Much, much needed!
Best of all…there’s still Sunday.

Ahhhh, who cares. Whatever. Seriously happy right now.

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Things you need to bring to a music festival.

Funny, but legit.

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The Ultimate Checklist.

Grandma sweater? Check.
Wooly blanket? Check.
Tea? Check.
Book? Check.
Healthy snack? Check.
Kitty? Check.
Tunes? Check.

I’m good for the night.

2 years ago

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i’m generally a pretty busy, hard-working sort of gal, so when i have the time to be lazy, i like to take advantage of it wholeheartedly. today was one of those days. i decided to not go in to the office, and instead, dick around at home in my underwear. it’s been super.

since i have been alarmingly useless today, i decided to at least have one proactive act and make a list of things i need to get done within the next few weeks (as you know, i LOVE lists). it has lots of crummy things on it, like going to the bank and whatnot, so i decided to add some fun things to feed me mentally and emotionally as well, including: e-mailing my baby sister, arranging to meet my older brother for the first time, buying some more canvases, and going on a date.

right now, you’re all like …give a fucccck.
but i feel like if i write it down, it will reinforce me to actually follow through with these things that i have been putting off for a while now.

you only get out of life what you put into it, so it’s really important to not let things like family and creativity fall by the wayside. got that, athena?!

2 years ago

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tuesday truths according to athena.

  • while it doesn’t do much for hamburgers, BBQ sauce makes pizza infinitely better.
  • if you’re going to forget a purchase behind at the grocery store, it will almost always be the toilet paper.
  • clean sheets are as good as a warm hug.
  • "home" refers more to people than a place.
  • ignoring your cell phone can be a thoroughly rewarding experience.
  • zombie movies are freakin’ cool. ‘nuff said.
  • alone-time is crucial. don’t be afraid to spend time inside of your own head.

2 years ago

The "Welcome to COCA: Music as a Religion" List

as determined by my good friend, and programmer extraordinaire, chad “buddah” cardinal

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what do you get if you follow me?

  • cats
  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • sharks
  • jellyfish
  • hot women
  • bitchin’ hair ‘do’s
  • teapots
  • lolz
  • exploding dog comics
  • melodramatic dribble


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lists of lists.

today i feel anxious and obsessive-compulsive.

i need to make lists. lots of them. i feel like right now if i’m not making lists, i am wasting my time. so, i am going to make a list of the lists i need to make. and then, i’m going to ACTUALLY waste time by making all of those lists. it really doesn’t make much sense, now does it?

lists i need to make

  • things i would like to accomplish tonight
  • things that i would like to accomplish this week
  • things that i would like to have for dinner tonight (yes, right now i feel that this is a necessary list)
  • groceries i need to buy
  • things i need to buy (both immediate and long-term)
  • things i need to budget for this summer
  • books i would like to order

breathing is really hard today. i need fresh air. going for a long walk will be on the first list. i was thinking i might walk to the mall so as to accomplish some of thing things on the fifth list. but then i’m worried i might not like being around people much. or that i will start stressing about money, which will impact lists 4-7.

the truth is, i really don’t have that much that i have to do today, and i’m so used to having every second of every day accounted for, that i’m feeling in a panic and like i’m falling behind because i’m not doing anything productive.